Your Google Doc spec,

sync'd with Jira

Push a button to automatically create Jira tickets based on your spec. Fable will keep your spec fresh as the tickets get updated.

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"Woah! There's certainly a magic moment to see Jira tickets created and the table [in Google Docs] updated with the links. That's really cool!"

Abhi Pillai

Senior Product Manager

Push a button to

create Jira tickets

Collaborate on requirements & user stories in Google Docs. When you're ready, send them to Jira with one tap.

Keep your spec

up to date, always

No more stale spec as soon as the build starts. Fable keeps your spec sync'ed with any changes to the tickets on Jira.

Select a

Jira project for each doc

Working across multiple Jira projects? No problem. Fable lets you choose a different Jira project to sync with for each spec.


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